Our History

Advanced Thinking.

From the Past...

Starting in 1905 with the simple invention of the Energizer® pocket torch by Conrad Hubert for The Eveready Battery Company, the modern Energizer® brand is firmly rooted in the history of innovative energy development. 

By 1950 the company was creating small rechargeable alkaline batteries, the blueprint for the energy sources of the future and still in use today.

In 1980 the name of the Eveready Alkaline Power Cell was officially changed to Energizer®. Throughout the decade the company's tireless search for high performance and ecological solutions in battery development led to the creation of the first ever Zero mercury battery.

The 1990s saw the creation of the first lithium AA battery - another game-changer in the hunt for optimum performance and minimal ecological impact.

and the Present...

Throughout the 21st century and up the present, Energizer® remains at the forefront of battery design, with, in 2016, the launch of the EcoAdvanced™. The first AA battery manufactured with 4% recycled material from ‘dead’ batteries.

to the Future.

Looking forward, Michelle Atkinson, chief marketing officer at Energizer® has stated that the aim for the EcoAdvanced battery is to increase the amount of recycled material to 40% by 2025.